Post Halloween Skin Care: No Tricks, All Treats!

It’s spooky season! A night where we let our creativity shine through dress up, decorations, and pumpkin buckets full of candy! Have you ever wondered about the origins of this extravagant holiday? The roots of Halloween go back much further than you think!

The Origins of Hallow’s Eve

The traditions of this holiday originated from the ancient Celtic festival Samhain (pronounced sah-win). On October 31, people dressed up in scary outfits to ward off evil spirits on a night they believed the spirit world opens and connects to the physical world.

Outfits from ages past were pretty spooky and served their original purpose well, but has significantly grown more lighthearted in modern times. However, no matter the time period, it’s a time when people take the effort to put on their best Halloween face!

After Party After Effects

To get the perfect look for the Halloween party, your costume may call for you to put on heavy makeup, face paint, glitter, adhesives, beads, fake blood — all sorts of arts & crafts on your face. 

Then when the party’s all said and done, it’s easy to simply head straight to bed and save your extensive nighttime routine for tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, leaving your skin exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in your make up/face paint overnight can cause problems!

All that excess residue will leave your skin dehydrated, and the potentially harmful chemicals from your make up/face paint can further damage your skin. This can lead to some scary breakouts of acne, irritated skin, puffiness and/or swelling!

You need skincare products without any of the hidden parabens and silicones to surprise you the morning after, sensitive to you and all your after party skin care needs!

No Tricks, All Treats!

Our award-winning, all-natural herbal Thai skincare and renowned facial set is perfect for reviving your skin and avoiding zombie-like skin after your Halloween night (and even before)! In just 3 easy steps, you can achieve that green & gentle facial glow!

  1. Detoxify

    Exfoliate your skin from any creeping buildup of dirt & residue with our Kaffir Lime, Turmeric & Rice Detoxifying Herbal Mask! Our gentle, customizable facial powder carefully detoxifies without any of the micro-tears. Soothe and replenish your skin back to its natural balance with its anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties, along with vitamin B (known for its anti-aging powers!).

  2. Invigorate

    Restore & heal damaged skin with our Wildcrafted Botanical Plants Facial Mist! This refreshing blend of Yanang, Pandan, Chinese Violet, Blue Vine Trumpet, Ivy Gourd, and Snake Plant uses each plant’s unique makeup of varying vitamins and minerals to make the ultimate team of hydration & rejuvenation!

  3. Nourish

    Improve skin complexion with our lightweight & moisturising Sacha Inchi, Ginger & Turmeric Facial Oil! Empower your skin with antioxidants (Vitamin A & E), and Omega fatty acids 3 and 6 to naturally repair & rebuild your skin’s natural barrier.

Have no fear! Our products contain premium, organically grown ingredients, and have been scientifically determined to be safe for all skin types, so it’s safe for your little trick-or-treaters too! Enjoy celebrating Halloween with your friends and families without worry, and choose green & natural skincare!

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