Bruma Botánica Vigorizante

¡Rehidrata tu piel para que tenga un aspecto bonito y radiante! ¡Refréscate al instante con una bruma energizante que protege tu piel mientras le da un bonito brillo!

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    Mist on skin throughout the day and after exercise.

    Spray all over the face and neck after using the Kaffir Lime, Turmeric & Rice Detoxifying Herbal Mask.

    Powerful results with natural solutions

    6 Natural, Organically Sourced Botanicals

    Add an instant refreshing and natural glow with a gentle facial mist that promotes soft, smooth and supple skin. Hydrates, repairs, soothes and calms with six wildcrafted botanicals rich in essential minerals as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties: Yanang, Pandan, Chinese Violet, Snake Plant, Ivy Gourd, and Blue Trumpet Vine.

    Paraben Free
    Sulphate Free

    Silicone Free
    Pthalate Free

    No harsh chemicals. No synthetics. No compromise.

    yanangYanang: Has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Packed with Vitamins A and B, it helps repair skin cells from daily damage and exposure to restore them back to being healthy. Also has a cooling effect and high amounts of polyphenols that prevent skin ageing and protect the skin from the sun.

    pandanPandan: Rich in vitamins and minerals that lower the risk of inflammations while offering a sweet and refreshing aroma helping the user relax. Used as a treatment for skin problems such as minor burns and sunburns. It contains tannic acids that also provide a fast cooling action.

    Chinese violetChinese Violet: Has anti-ageing and whitening properties. A natural antiseptic that helps detox the skin while also offering a cooling effect for a refreshing feel. Boosts collagen production to maintain skin elasticity.

    blue trumpet vineBlue Trumpet Vine: Used to treat skin conditions. Rich in benefits - both for skin application and consumption. It is rich in antioxidants making it the ideal herb for natural skin anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial extract. Speeds up skin healing and repair from sun exposure and heat damage. Reduces irritations while hydrating the skin and retaining its moisture.

    ivy gourdIvy Gourd: Made up of high contents of Vitamin B, minerals and other vitamins, it is the commonly used antioxidant on the skin to help with repairing and restoring skin cells from damage and inflammations. It also helps revitalize the outer layer of the skin as it promotes blood flow. Restores, repairs and rebuilds the skin, protecting it from UV rays, pollution, or chemical damage.

    snake plantSnake Plant: Commonly used to heal damaged skin, especially those with inflammations and heat damage. It also has antiseptic properties that cleanse the skin to reduce the chances of infection. Heals acne and speeds up skin recovery from wounds and scars.

    Tiliacora Triandra Leaf Distillate*, Pandanus Amaryllifolius Leaf Distillate*, Asystasia gangetica Leaf Distillate*, Thunbergia Laurifolia Leaf Distillate*, Coccinia Indica Leaf Distillate*, Barleria Lupulina Leaf Distillate*

    * Certified organic

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