Our Story

Warm hellos from Thailand! We are a triad of siblings with a profound quest to inspire people with our shared values — self-empowerment — through what we hold dear as the ‘introspective power of nature’.

So how did SUDTANA start? Our eldest sister, Mew, brought her curiosity about our grandfather’s ancient Thai herbal remedies to MIT, where she explored how to scientifically enhance what used to be our family’s modest practice. From then onwards, we have embarked on a remarkable journey — balancing modern science with generations of ancient wisdom.

Today, we continue to keep this precious tradition alive while embracing it with an all-new mission: empowering people through a transformative journey towards self-discovery — a slow but steady process that is all about being kind to ourselves and learning the ways of wholeness. This ambition drives our commitments and morals every day, reflecting in a line of organic self-care products that are gentle to the body, soul, collective, as well as Mother Earth.

Our Mission

Through the introspective power of nature rooted in our products, we believe that natural remedies heal the body and mind, shaping a compelling journey towards spiritual harmony and growth that together allows us to unravel the best version of ourselves. This balance, distinctive experiences for each of us personally, had allowed us to gain a more profound and intimate understanding of our selves. We hope to inspire others — in the same but unique ways — with the following missions:

•  To help people achieve and accept self-love
•  To help people embrace their true, natural selves while paying ways to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving success on the path they have chosen
•  To show the significance of one’s own abilities to love oneself — and to inspire people to look within and uniquely discover themselves in ways that they may have not

We are also on a wholehearted mission to empower our fellow Thai farmers with whom we have become friends with throughout the years. With so much love and care put into cultivating organic produce that helps us successfully craft 100% natural self-care products, we feel extremely fortunate to be able to support their small but purposeful businesses.

Our Beauty Philosophy

Our beauty philosophy is founded upon the notion of being kind and authentic to ourselves as well as others. We believe that a happy and healthy soul reflects on the outside, unveiling a natural glow that truly radiates from within.

We do not have beauty standards or put labels on what we deem as attractive. Our ideals are firmly rooted in embracing one’s own unique traits, feeling good in your own skin, and most importantly allowing yourself to free the mind from society’s norms and focus on what you truly value. When this is achieved and you are at peace with yourself, you will unravel new-found confidence that is truly beautiful.

We also believe that beauty is staying grounded and attuned with nature. This is why we are committed to crafting completely natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable self-care products that repair, replenish, and rejuvenate our bodies from the outside in. Only the highest quality plant-based ingredients are used, which means your skin and hair will reap the benefits even long after they have been absorbed by your skin.

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