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Thai Local Wisdom or Poom Panya Thai harnesses the power of knowledge and expertise accumulated theough the experience of observation, research and experimentation. Fused with Thai culture and way of life, it is passed on through generations, while constantly developed and refined to adapt to the changing eras. Thus, Poom Panya Thai is widely revered as an intellectual heritage of immeasurable value. The application of local herbs is universally accepted across the globe­— a traditional wisdom that all Thais are proud of. Embracing the values of this inherited philosophy, Sudtana therefore reinterprets and transforms these precious ingredients into a wide range of skincare products. Inspired by the kingdom’s ancient beauty and healing rituals, these all-natural concoctions are innovatively designed to nourish and enhance the skin, reviving the body and soul.

       thai maprao&thai kamin

For generations, the coconut’s skin-nourishing properties have been well recognized as a traditional Thai wisdom. The coconut oil, especially, has rich, moisturizing benefits that are important in generating collagen and elastin. Creating greater elasticity and firmness while slowing down the appearance of fine lines, it gently softens and regenerates the skin, unveiling a natural radiance. Turmeric is a warming Thai herb known for its natural ability to decrease inflammations caused by infections on the skin. Curcumin, an important element found in turmeric, aids in killing bacteria as well as healing acne, rashes and blemishes. An ancient beauty ritual, the golden root helps to revitalize and firm the skin while internally improving blood flow—therefore, contributing to a healthy glow. At Sudtana, we use only the finest Thai Maprao (coconuts) selected from Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, and Thai Kamin (turmeric) sourced from Surat Thani Province, to gether with traditional local wisdoms to create an array of skincare products carefully developed for naturally lustrous and smooth skin.

At the heart of Sudtana is local Thai wisdom, a way of life that Thais have embraced for centuries. With respect to this intellectual heritage, Sudtana is dedicated to sourcing only the best ingredients from local farmers in Thailand to create the highest quality products whilst supporting sustainable agriculture. Particularly, turmeric and coconut, our products’ main constituents, are obtained from meticulously selected, fair trade vendors.

We source all our turmeric from Kaminshun Ban Khao Wong, a small community enterprise in Surat Thani province. As affirmed by the Department of Science, the soil in this area is particularly well-suited to growing turmeric, producing the highest quality yields in the nation. Here, turmeric contains more curcuminoids, a plant chemical that gives the herb its therapeutic qualities, than any other yield in Thailand—up to 20.8 percent. Organically grown, Surat Thani’s turmeric is also a vital part of the local economy.

The coconuts that Sudtana uses hails from another community venture, the Green Net Cooperative, a non-governmental organization that helps facilitate between farmers, communities, and consumers to produce agricultural products that are safe for both consumers and the environment. The cooperative involves coconut producers with only the finest coconut breeds from Prachuap Khiri Khan province, known for the fruit. Here, the premium grade coconuts contain a high amount of lauric acid, which helps fight off antioxidants, amongst other potent benefits.

With such dedicated local farmers, Sudtana is proud to be a part of supporting these instruments of Thailand’s invaluable local Thai wisdom. We also pride ourselves on giving our fellow farmers a higher set of prices than what the market offers.

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