Set De Ascarilla Capilar Nutritiva + Serum Revitalizante Para Raíces

Remedio Capilar 100% Natural Con Hierbas, Inspirado Por La Sabiduría Tradicional Tailandesa 
  • Promueve el crecimiento de pelo más grueso y ralentiza la pérdida de pelo con fuentes naturales de vitamina A, D y E 
  • Fortalece tu pelo desde su interior para lograr más volumen y soltura
  • Mantiene el pelo sano y bonito, manteniendo tu cuero cabelludo limpio con vitaminas y minerales esenciales
  • Mantiene el pelo más grueso, más fuerte y más duradero
  • Promueve la circulación sanguínea en el cuero cabelludo para conseguir un rápido crecimiento de pelo nuevo y sano
  • Intensifica el color natural del pelo para lograr un aspecto y un tacto más joven
  • ¡Gana en confianza en solo 2 semanas!

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This ritual is to be done after applying our Extra-Virgin Sacha Inchi Facial Oil or Sacha Inchi Ginger & Turmeric Nourishing Facial Oil to enhance the smoothness of our gua sha stone and allow the vitamins and minerals of our oil to be evenly spread across your skin. Once you have applied our facial oil, please follow these seven easy steps:

facial gua sha side guide facial gua sha guide

  1. Start from the neck area: use the long edge side to gently press and move upward and outward.
  2. Using the double notch edge side of our stone, fit your jawline between the mouth. Slowly move around either side.
  3. Move up to chin with the same side of the stone
  4. Switch to the long edge side of our stone as you progress slowly up the cheeks
  5. Using the double notch side move outward around the eyes
  6. Continue using the same side. Press and move around either side of your forehead above the eyebrows
  7. Finish by moving up the middle of your forehead with the long edge side.

After each use, wash your gua sha stone with warm water and a gentle soap to rid it of bacteria. Then dry it with a soft cloth (e.g. microfiber). Alternatively, dampen the cloth with warm water and soap and then wipe your gua sha stone until dry.

Ancient Art of Gua Sha

Our naturally sourced rose quartz is perfect for soothing the more delicate areas of our face, such as around the eyes, while being firm enough to tone and sculpt the forehead, cheeks, jawlines and neck. Best used together with our all-natural facial oils.

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