How to Treat Hormonal Acne

Unfortunately, if you're around the age of 25-45 you probably know hormonal acne, even the post-45 crowd isn't clear from it. They're those pesky, painful, and unsightly pimples that show up at the worst times imaginable (like right before a long-awaited holiday or just before a friend's wedding). Wasn't acne a puberty thing? Not for us, ladies, it's a life-long thing. 

"How do I know if I've hormonal acne?"

1. Your pimples pop up around the edges of your face (e.g. your sides, chin & jawline)

2. Your breakouts occur once a month (hormonal acne has monthly cycles too)

3. You're stressed (Cortisol, the infamous stress hormone causes all other hormones to go whack)

4. You're dealing with painful pimples, bumps & possibly cysts (these tend to pop over and over again)

"How do I get rid of hormonal acne?"

Most people with hormonal acne have tried over-the-counter treatments in vain. However, these are all just toxic chemicals being lathered on the skin surface making things worse. Prescriptions are another form of hormonal acne treatments. However, they too are full of chemicals and what-not as well as the heavy mood-swings that come with them.

"What's the ethical and effective way?"

Sudtana's Detoxifying Herbal Mask & Mist is the way to go. Handcrafted with natural and organic herbs from Thailand for softer and youthful clear skin. Nontoxic and zero chemicals reducing multiple health-risks. 100% vegan & no animals were harmed or tested on in the making. The formula is from generations of ancient Thai wisdom put into careful research at MIT for 2 years.