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Sudtana Repair and Hydrate Botanical Mist

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Product Description

Does your face feel dry and parched in the midday heat? Despite piling on numerous products, does your face still feels like it needs a spritz of fresh water?

This dry skin can be attributed to different factors, like cold weather and low humidity. Although it may start out looking like a small problem, but dry skin could lead to potentially bigger problems like, uneven complexion, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Which would further dry your skin, resulting in rough, cracked, and flaky skin. It can even make you look older than your age because it also causes fine lines and wrinkles.

The Sudtana Repair & Hydrate Botanical Mist is your key!

Not only does it give you instant fresh moisturized vibrant skin – but made from 100% natural herbs, it also protects your skin from all other damages!

Inspired from an ancient Thai herbal recipe, it is the perfect blend of extracts from Yanang, Pandan, Asystasia gangetica, Thunbergia laurifolia, Ivy gourd and Snake plant. It works to hydrate your face instantly while also working to cleanse, detox and heal your face from any infections, debris or pollutants. So not only will you get instant rejuvenation, you will also get long-term skin protection and healing.

Naturally feel instantly fresher and more energized while protecting your skin with Sudtana’s Repair and Hydrate Botanical Mist

  • Rejuvenate – Extracts from the finest cooling herbs, offer a cooling effect to help you feel fresher even in the hottest and driest of days
  • Hydrate – Rich in antioxidants and minerals, the mist works to quickly and deeply absorb into the skin to moisturize your skin and improve the skin’s functions that protects it from external pollutants including UV rays, smoke and chemicals
  • Repair – Rich in antioxidants with detoxifying and disinfecting properties, the mist cleanses your skin while repairing it from damage making it healthier and stronger for a healthy and vibrant look while making skin more supple and soft

Full Ingredient List
Tilliacora Triandra Leaf Distillate, Pandanus Amaryllifolius Leaf Distillate, Asystasia gangetica Leaf Distillate, Thunbergia Laurifolia Leaf Distillate, Coccinia Indica Leaf Distillate, Barleria Lupulina Leaf Distillate

Sudtana Repair and Hydrate Botanical Mist