Natural Green Aventurine Quartz Gua Sha Comb


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Gently promote naturally strong, healthy hair with a handcrafted green aventurine gua sha comb, specially designed to refine centuries of ancient hair care rituals into soothing daily routines. A naturally smooth (but easy to grip) cooling stone, perfect for revitalizing and soothing the scalp.

“This local brand is cooking up such effective natural remedies for skin and hair, the likes of luxury eco-resort Soneva have taken notice.” — Tatler Thailand






Recommended For: Thinning Hair | Hair Fall | Muscle Tension

For even better results, try it with our BERGAMOT MINT & TURMERIC SCALP & ROOTS REVIVAL TREATMENT.

Scalp and Roots Revival Treatment

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    bergamot oil
    bergamot oil

    1. Apply the Scalp Revival Treatment. Using the mouth side of our Gua Sha comb, make long gentle strokes across your hair and scalp. Start from the middle of your head and go down the sides until you go all around your scalp.
    2. bergamot oil
    3. Using the double-notch side of our comb, place your shoulder between the mouth and move upwards toward the side of your neck. Your shoulder should fit between the teeth and naturally glide up. Do both shoulders.
    4. bergamot oil
    5. Using the flat side of our comb, gently press and glide up from the back of your neck up to the base of the back of your head.
    6. bergamot oil
    7. Finally, using the double notch side of our comb again, fit it in between your jawline starting from your chin and glide it to either side.

    After each use, wash your gua sha comb with warm water and a gentle soap to rid it of bacteria. Then dry it with a soft cloth (e.g. microfiber). Alternatively, dampen the cloth with warm water and soap and then wipe your gua sha stone until dry.

    Powerful results with natural solutions

    Ancient Art of Gua Sha

    Handcrafted with green aventurine, a translucent quartz associated with balancing nerves and emotions for inner harmony. Our gentle comb supports the hair with relaxing scalp, neck & shoulder massages which loosen muscle tensions & results in better blood circulation towards the scalp so hair can be nourished and grow naturally strong.

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