Your dream hair in just a few easy steps!

Nourishing Hair Mask

As 15-minute pre-wash treatment

  1. Apply a generous amount onto hair
  2. Gently massage all over hair
  3. Leave for at least 15 minutes 
  4. Rinse off with shampoo.

As leave-in conditioner, apply small amount onto clean, damp hair.

    Scalp & Roots Revival Treatment

    Apply before bedtime

    1. Divide your hair into section
    2. Apply 1-2 drops to each section
    3. Gently massage all over scalp and hair
    4. Leave overnight and dream of softer hair
    5. Wash off with shampoo in the morning and live the dream
    Recommended Usage
    • Normal & Oily hair and scalp: 1-2 times per week 
    • Dry hair and scalp: 2-3 times per week 
    Helpful Tips
    • Establish a routine! With so many products on the market, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what we use!
    • Use side-to-side motions with your hands when applying (be careful of fingernails!). Round motions can tangle and damage!
    • What to do during the 15 minutes? Relax, or exercise - you'll shower after anyway

    Green Aventurine Gua Sha Comb

    Our comb is designed to distribute our all-natural remedies’ essential vitamins & minerals thoroughly across your scalp and strands to increase the coverage. At the same time, our comb massages the shoulder and neck to loosen knots, which improves blood flow to the scalp and hair roots to better nourish them for stronger, healthier hair. 

    First, apply our hair mask or scalp treatment. Then follow the instructions below: 

    1. Using the mouth side of our green aventurine Gua Sha comb: make long gentle strokes across your hair and scalp. Start from middle of your head and go down the sides until you go all around your scalp.
    2. Using the double notch side of our comb, place your shoulder between the mouth and move upwards toward the side of your neck. Your shoulder should fit between the teeth and naturally glide up. Do both shoulders. 
    3. Using the flat side of our comb, gently press and glide up from the back of your neck up to the base of the back of your head. 
    4. Finally, using the double notch side of our comb again, fit it in between your jawline starting from your chin and glide it to either side.