What is 'Green Beauty'?

Green Beauty is: 

1. A mindful effort from brands to source the purest, most sustainable ingredients possible, in order to create efficacious and safe products for beauty and wellness.

2. Committing to the earth and its medicinal resources and properties of plants, herbs, flowers, etc.

3. A group of like-minded people determined to share what they’ve learned and discovered to inspire and educate others to make mindful choices.

4. A conscious choice to avoid products proven to be harmful to the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

In order for a product or brand to be labeled under the term “green beauty,” the requirements include:

  • The absence of ingredients that have been shown through studies to potentially harm health or to destroy the environment from use, often referred to as toxic chemicals
  • The meticulous attention to using ingredients that are non-toxic and natural
  • A consideration of eco-friendly and organic sourcing, where possible, fair wages and working conditions
  • A concern for environmental impact, sustainability, and carbon footprint
  • An ongoing commitment to ethical formulating, transparency, research, innovation, and growth

Here's what we consider to be “natural”:

1. Green: good for the environment
2. Nontoxic: safe for human use, not as harmful to health
3. Vegan: meets cruelty-free standards
4. Environment & Ethical: paying forward and working with local farmers

How do you define 'green beauty'?