Self-Care For Moms this School Season!

A new school year is starting. Kids are getting ready to face the typical day-to-day hustle and bustle of student life, but so will moms everywhere!

Whether your kids are taking their classes online or outside, it’s our duty as their guardians to make sure they’re prepped, set, and at their best to take on the day. On top of the already long list of everyday career, household and personal tasks (special shoutout to all the new moms out there still pursuing their studies!), we do everything we can to make sure our children’s time at school is the best.


And at the end of the day, when all is said and done and the kids are at rest, you deserve just as much rest and relaxation. For many daughters and sons, their moms are their heroes and inspiration. Moms make up a huge part of our SUDTANA family (from expecting moms, new moms and maternal figures) so we understand that it’s tempting to put off whatever time we’re able to get to relax and use it to keep working on our responsibilities instead. Sometimes there are circumstances where it’s necessary to, but that further drives the need to allocate time for your own self-care.

Self-care is necessary to avoid getting burnt out and over-exhausted. All of us have a finite amount of mental resources to allocate to our day-to-day work and activities. Previously, we’ve written about the Mind-Body Connection: too much unmanaged stress affects our mental and emotional well-being, which ends up affecting our physical health as well.


The better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of our families too — and it so much easier to take the necessary steps to stay emotionally and physically healthy than it is to recover from emotional and physical burnout.

We’ve personally interviewed over 25 moms over Zoom before, and more than half of them informed us that oftentimes, they feel a sense of selfishness when partaking in acts of self-care when we could be using the time to care for their family instead. It’s a common and understandable feeling, it is also quite misleading.

Self-care is more than just about taking care of just yourself. When you take a moment for yourself, you’re reserving your energy and replenishing your mental resources so they can be better allocated to the people who matter most to you. Not to mention, your family as well would want you to be happy — and if you could help it, why not share your acts of self-care with your kids?


Even your kids need a break from their own stresses, so why not invite them when you can? Who knows, they may enjoy the same activities as you, and they’ll even learn the value of taking care of themselves.

After a busy day, some easy self-care activities you could do as a family are: watching a movie, going for a walk, light exercises like yoga, and mindful routines like meditation. Another bonding activity you can involve your kids in is a healthy hair care or skincare bedtime ritual.

You need hair care and skincare that are sensitive to your needs.

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