Powder vs. Liquid Masks

Why Did We Choose Powder?

1. They Last Longer

Unlike liquid masks, powder masks stay fresher since the ingredients are not yet mixed and pre-activated. This allows for a longer shelf-life since there are no preservatives or active ingredients.

2. Travel Friendly

You're trying to rush through the airport to get to your gate, but No more getting stopped at security. With powder masks, there’s no liquid!

3. Effective & Safe Ingredients 

Since there are no preservatives in our powder masks, each ingredient in the jar has a purpose and no additional fillers. This means you're soaking up all the goodies that each ingredient has to offer.

4. Customisable

You have the option to mix with different liquids! Water for a standard mask, yogurt for oily skin, honey for dry skin, or aloe vera for sensitive skin.

5. The Relaxing Process

Embark on a ritual that allows you to reflect on your body’s needs and create an experience to nourish your skin.

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