Autumn Skincare Tips

Autumn is here and it’s time for changing leaves, warmer clothes, and a nice cool feel in the air. However, when it comes to Autumn, as soon as the temperature takes a dip, our skin sure does show it. Skincare routine changes according to the seasons and now we must know how to prevent dryness, seasonal breakouts, and the occasional dullness of skin. We have a few well-curated dry skin remedies for you to use that can keep your skin feeling still happy and healthy as the season changes.

Here are some autumn skincare tips to help you transition your skincare routine. Repair summer skin and prep for cooler weather.

Switch to a moisturising cleanser

While the temperature goes lower, so does the humidity. Our skin requires more moisture to compensate to the dry air around. Swap out you cleanser for something more hydrating. Micellar Water is a good fix to help quench thirsty skin. sun-kissed skin. Hydrate the skin barrier and protect from damaging effects of upcoming cold weather

Throw in a skin Booster

During summer activities, all the sun and chlorine could lead to dehydrated skin for the autumn season. Always remember to apply your moisturise onto the skin right after cleansing. A good booster we recommend is our Wildcrafted Botanical Mist. Hydrate, repair, and calm down any irritations or dryness from the environment with this spritz.

Break out is normal

Changes in the weather can upset the skin. Don’t panic if blemishes pop up! Give your skin a face mask treat. Our Detoxifying Herbal Face Mask gives your skin the detox and skin brightening it craves. With natural ingredients, it helps draw out impurities, while reviving your complexion for radiance. The best part about our mask is it’s multi-use. Since it comes in powder form, it can be used as a cleanser, a mask, or even an exfoliator. This mask tailors to all skin types by having the option to select which liquid you mix it with as well!