The New Beauty Generation: Zero-Waste Products

2020 was a year that made us aware of how our daily lives affect the environment. Many industries, like fashion, have received a poor reputation for the lack of environmental practices as well as working conditions. Beauty pollution, however, even though having a smaller impact, it still concerns us.

We all know that our oceans are full of water bottles, grocery bags, straws, and many other pollutions. When it comes to cosmetics, there are a lot of shampoo bottles, sheet masks and makeup wipes. Microplastics and microbeads like glitter and shimmer are impossible to sweep off the oceans and chemical sunscreens have recently been proven to destroy coral reefs.

The first thing we can do to protect the environment is to practice minimal skincare routines. Another big step is to turn away from the conveniences to which we are used to, like plastic bottle and single-use products.

Today, at SUDTANA, we took a tangible step to make these statements become reality. Our packaging is totally recyclable from the cap to the recyclable glass bottle. We aim to significantly reduce packaging waste as much as possible, for us and for the environment, thus helping lift everyone's environmental conscience.

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