We control the origin and process, so you know it’s 100% natural, organic and friendly

You know what makes us angry? Numerous ingredients in normal beauty or personal care are legally harmful! They also often contain endocrine disruptors which disrupts our hormonal functions that are responsible for regulating metabolism, development, sleep, mood and even our heartbeat. The worst part? It is also the cause of multiple chronic diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes and sex dysfunction.

Not only does the use of these ingredients affect our health, but most of these ingredients - either in their manufacturing or disposing process - causes air, water and soil pollution in our environment. Which can disrupt the ecological biome leading to more damage!

Sudtana was born with the inherited herbal wisdom of our grandfather, the village doctor, and the mission to share honest sustainable and ethical products made mainly from ingredients and herbs natively found in Thailand and South East Asia that have been scientifically proven. By meticulously controlling every step of the product process - from ethical raw material sourcing, natural extraction to small-scale manufacturing - we are proud to say that our products are 100% natural, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly. A process we are proud of and call the Sudtana Method.

The Sudtana Method directly helps and incentivizes small farmholders and growers to use organic farming methods - while maximizing product quality and efficacy for our users by using only organically grown 100% natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to work their purpose.

Sudtana Method’s Growers

We source raw ingredients directly from small farmholders and growers that use sustainable practices. We personally visit their farm, talk to their growers and monitor their activities to ensure that they use organic methods. 
This ensures that everyone enjoys the benefit of sustainable farming with little soil exhaustion for better environment.

Sudtana Method’s Extracts

We extract our ingredients with environmentally friendly processes with minimal ingredient wastage and no chemical waste. Our delicate extraction maintains the highest active ingredients content for maximal efficacy of natural products. 
This ensures that you enjoy minimal ingredient wastage and by-product pollution with maximal efficacy. 

Sudtana Method’s Products

We manufacture using small scale production to minimize pollution and wastage. Our diligent manufacturing method provides you with the freshest products possible.
This ensures that you enjoy new and pure natural products so you don’t have to depend on chemical products.

Sudtana Method’s Users

We promise that you will enjoy products that are 100% natural, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
This ensures that you enjoy products that are a sustainable solution for your skin and hair damage


What the Sudtana Method stands by;

  • Healthy sustainability
    • Natural ingredients lower chances of chronic diseases
    • 0% tolerance to endocrine disruptors
  • Natural efficacy
    • Using delicate and minimal chemical content extraction method to maintain efficacy - so you don’t need to depend on chemical products
    • We merge our grandfather’s herbal wisdom and scientific research to only include active ingredients that are proven to be effective in the perfect ratio
  • Environmental sustainability
    • Incentivizing and promoting organic farming practices by small growers and farmholders
    • Reduce wastage and air, water and soil pollution
  • Community engagement and promotion
    • Ethical and fair sourcing practices