Locally & Sustainably Sourced

SUDTANA was born from the herbal wisdom of our Founder’s late grandfather, a village doctor, and we honour this traditional root by handcrafting safe, pure and all-natural hair & skincare products made with scientifically proven ingredients and herbs natively found in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

It is because of our traditional roots that we understand the importance of green, clean and conscientious personal care products that are good for the well-being of our bodies as well as our planet. This is why we personally partner with small farm holders from all over Thailand who practice organic and sustainable farming techniques.

The type of farm holders who we partner up with use all-natural, non-chemical pesticides handmade with the herbs they grow. All of our partners do not use chemicals to grow their products, but some of them take it a step beyond.

One of our partners requires members of their farm to have a blood test for toxins in the body – all to prevent any toxins in their sweat and other bodily fluids from potentially contaminating the farm. Others have a zero-waste policy: nothing they grow and use goes to waste.

Conscious Beauty

Conscious Beauty is a philosophy that encourages being more mindful and intentional of our consumption choices. As advocates of conscious beauty, we make sure to consider inclusivity, sustainability, ethical sourcing, transparency and impact in our process of creating new products that you will love.

Beyond sourcing organic and sustainably grown ingredients, we ensure that the raw material extraction methods and our manufacturing process remains free of chemicals as well. We use a delicate cold-pressed extraction method to maintain the highest active ingredient content without creating unnecessary ingredient wastage and by-product pollution.

We believe that natural and organic skincare is the way to go. That's why we are dedicated to crafting products that are pure and fresh, using small-scale manufacturing methods that reduce wastage and minimise pollution. And we never test on animals, because we believe in ethical and sustainable practices.

Our Promise

We at SUDTANA believe that organic and natural self-care products not only help repair, replenish, and rejuvenate the body from the outside in but also free the mind free of worries from the adverse effects of chemicals and toxins.

We provide our customers with the assurance that when they use our high-quality plant-based ingredients, they will feel confident knowing that their skin and hair have received the very best and will reap the benefits even long after the vitamins and minerals have been absorbed.

Join our family and we promise that you will enjoy products that are 100% natural, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

After all, the best family relationships are natural and non-toxic!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-care with our collection of all-natural hair care, skincare, and body care products that celebrate the beauty of nature and enhance your natural glow.