Aunty Koi

Safe, Sustainable Sesame Seeds. It all started when Aunt Koi’s boyfriend — a young suburban Thai boy who lived in temples with Buddhist monks — suddenly found himself sitting in on a seminar about cold extractions from plants. This began her journey to grow and produce sesame & moringa.

Aunt Koi’s boyfriend took the knowledge he gained from the seminar and excited told her of what he learned. Having both come from families with farming backgrounds, they realized together that if they leveraged the knowledge correctly, they would be able to do more than just grow plants on their farms: they would be able to do the extraction by themselves as well. Now, all they had to do was incorporate it onto the farm without compromising her family’s clean, organic lifestyle.

“Everything in my family farm is grown naturally without using any chemicals,” Aunt Koi explained, “we don't want to use chemicals at all because we have seen how they have affected the health of other farmers’ crops and the health of their land. And if their land is hurt, what would these chemicals do to us since we’re living on it? What will it do to the people who buy these produce?”

Located in Kanchanaburi, a province western Thailand, Aunt Koi owns a 8-rai large farm (about 3.1-acres). The majority of the plots on her farm are used to plant sesame and moringa throughout the rainy season. There’s also a plot for a vegetable farm to feed her family, a plot for raising animals, a plot for growing rice bran and — of course — a plot for their factory for sesame seed oil & moringa oil extraction.

“We were successful in incorporating the seminar knowledge on our farm since we are only using cold-press extractions, which does not involve using any heat or chemicals. This makes the process environmentally friendly and makes sure that the quality of the extracted oil is not contaminated,” she proudly explains, “any waste and leftovers from the process are also sold as animal food or used as fertilizer.”

Environmental consciousness and eco-friendliness begins from the root, no pun intended. The soil’s health is supported by organically grown rice bran, rice husks and the leftovers from extraction which are composted into a natural fertiliser to reduce toxicity, increase safety, and preserve quality. The freshness of the produce here is exceptional since they were grown by an individual who cares about the well-being of other individuals.

“I am a big believer in all-natural. I believe it is better and healthier not only for your external but also for your internal health.”

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