145 Children Are Going to School Thanks To You!

 Stateless underprivileged children in Thailand

Photo used with Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation's permission

Thank you for giving back with us! We are proud to share that we have donated 261,870THB donation (approximately 7,485USD) to help fund a project of Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation through donation platform Taejai. This project will support 145 children from 5 different schools in Thailand in going to school for one academic year.  

This is a collaborative effort made possible by the unwavering support of our valued customers. Your purchases during our Black Friday Sale made this donation possible. Your choice to embrace and advocate for our range of organic self-care products has contributed directly to this charitable initiative.

The Educational Challenge in Thai Education

 Transportation to school by children in Thailand

Photo used with Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation's permission

At the heart of Thai education lies a deep-rooted issue— the inability of underprivileged children to access education due to financial constraints. The kids under the care of the foundation are mostly children of migrant workers from neighbouring countries, who typically do not have access to education and in danger of becoming child labourers. 

Migrant workers oftentimes come to Thailand to earn money for their families and bring their children as well. As their parents came for work, these children live far from schools and typically are not afforded the same access to basic educational opportunities -- and those that do may not consistently be able to attend classes.

Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation helps cover the transportation fees for children and assists with providing school supplies to provide these children with consistent access to schools and prevent them from dropping out.

Thanks to initiatives like this, numerous children have been able to complete their education instead of dropping out and becoming child labourers.

Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation: Project Implementation

Female Thai student posing for the camera

Photo used with Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation's permission

In a bid to create a meaningful impact, the foundation is set to aid a total of 145 children from five different schools. The detailed breakdown reveals the distribution of assistance across these educational institutions:

  • Ban Pa Rai School: 52 children
  • Ban Ton Phueng School: 1 child
  • Ban Kha Ne Ju School: 8 children
  • Mae Ramat Wittaya School: 8 children
  • Anukul Wittaya School: 76 children

The project aims to help children from ethnic minority groups have access to education. A team and personnel are directly supporting the access to education for these children. Their responsibilities include: 

  1. Surveying children in the community
  2. Providing guidance on preparing for school
  3. Assisting in the registration process
  4. Providing financial support for transportation fees
  5. Monitoring and assessing the progress and results of the project

We want to express our sincerest thanks to you for your unwavering support and for recognising the potential of small actions to create significant change. The transformative journey doesn't end here; it continues with each conscious decision, each thoughtful purchase, and each act of kindness.

Together, we pave the way for a future where compassion and conscious choices shape a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities. Thank you for joining us in our journey of giving!

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