Our Story

The three Leelahongjudha siblings’ grandfather was a trusted village doctor known for his herbal remedies. His passion for natural ingredients — that they heal the body and soul as well as the Earth — has been well-rooted in their family values for decades.

It was at MIT that their sister saw the possibilities of merging their grandfather’s ancient wisdom with science to create effective, all-natural skincare solutions. With their knowledge about herbal remedies together with opportunities from MIT Sandbox and MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship, they then began Sudtana with a strong belief that we all could nurture ourselves (and our planet) using the powers that Mother Nature has gifted us.



Our Mission

We are committed to crafting completely 100% natural skin care products that repair, replenish, and rejuvenate your body from the outside in. We use only the highest quality herbal ingredients, meaning your body will reap the benefits of its use long after it’s been absorbed by your skin.

But our job doesn’t end there; we’re on a mission to empower the farmers who produce the ingredients- like coconuts and turmeric- that we use in our products. We are constantly on a search, visiting farmlands throughout the country to ethically source natural ingredients from local growers who practice organic farming, and in doing so, we ensure that both their welfare and our ecosystem are protected.


From Farm to Skin

Sudtana sources unique, quality ingredients from all over Thailand. All products are 100% natural and are laden with scientifically-approved benefits — repairing, replenishing, and rejuvenating your skin (and hair) from the outside in. Expect completely raw products that has no synthetic ingredients, chemicals or fillers. The brand also pledges to be cruelty-free and sources all ingredients from small farm holders who practice eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods.


Sudtana’s Methods

Sudtana’s products are produced from well-selected natural and organic ingredients that are sourced directly from local growers. Its beauty range is handcrafted in small batches to ensure premium and fresh quality skincare. The founders take pride in avoiding large, industrial production processes that harm the environment.


Sudtana’s Growers

They are committed to working closely with growers whose lives, they believe, are greatly intertwined with nature — local growers who put their hearts into practicing responsible cultivating methods despite hardships. Through the brand’s extensive beauty range, they hope to empower small farm holders in Thailand with these aligned values.

The team is constantly visiting farmlands across the country — especially rural areas with optimal conditions for the brand’s raw materials, such as soil and climate — and takes pride in ethically-sourcing natural ingredients from local growers with aligned values. In doing so, this ensures that both their welfare and our ecosystem is protected.

“Our world bears scars from the burnt force of industrialization, of commercial farming, of heavy-handed chemical use that has seen our earth, our water, and even our own bodies become polluted and poisoned.”