Toxic Beauty

The average woman uses about 7 different beauty products every day. It could either be cleansers, conditioners, hair dyes, fragrances, skincare products, scented lotions, nail polish, and makeup, etc. But have you ever stopped and taken a quick glance at the labels? You'll see a cocktail of unpronounceable chemical components
(e.g. phthalates) 

Most people assume that all these ingredients have been tested to ensure that they're safe for long-term use. That's not the case. No one is checking to make sure that the chemicals you're putting on your body are harmless. These chemical products are tested to make sure they don't cause short-term problems, such as skin irritation. But they're not tested for long-term safety. Just because it's on your shelf doesn't mean that it's safe.

With this in mind, we should take some time to consider what you're putting on your bodies each day and how it could potentially affect your long-term health. 

 There are many alternatives to large mainstream brands. For example, as soon as you see PEG in the ingredients, toss it back onto the shelf because that's literally car fuel. 

Avoid hazardous products, even if nontoxic costs more due to how freshly made they are, it's smarter to invest in a longer and healthier life rather than a short one filled with hospital visits.

We strive to source the purest, most sustainable ingredients to create effective & safe products for everyone. We’re passionate about sharing our discoveries to inspire and educate mindful choices.