How To Treat Sunburned Scalp and Hairline with Home Remedies

It's summer and the thing you shouldn't forget is the SPF. However, some spots are hard to reach causing the pain of the burn. The most commonly forgotten areas are the scalp and hairline. People usually discovered the pain when you attempt to brush your hair and found red stripes all over the hair. It is essential to try to avoid exposing your scalp and hairline to the sun, but if it is unavoidable, here are some easy instructions you can follow!

1. Rinse in Cool Water

The first thing you can do in the event of a sunburn anywhere on the body is to attempt to stop the inflammatory process. Cooling down the affected area with cool water, without ice, and run over it until the sting is relieved will soothe the burn.

2. Use Cold Compresses

Relieve the pain of the burn with cool compresses a couple of times a day will eventually get rid of the pain. Avoid applying ice directly to the skin, and use soft cloths into the bowl to cool and soak it with ice water can provide strong relief.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is essential for sunburns all over the body. It is moisturising and reduces irritation and inflammation. The hydration and anti-inflammatory properties make it the perfect remedy for a burn. It also can be used several times per day after a burn.

4. Avoid Heat Styling

It is crucial to avoid any heat-styling tools while your scalp is healing, including curling irons, straighteners, and blowdryers. Exposure to heat will increase discomfort and potentially cause further damage. Reducing heat styling can avoid peels or irritate the burned skin when combing or brushing the hair.

5. Use Gentle Cleansers

In the burning and healing period, it is important to use gentle cleansers and skincare products. The ingredients to avoid include retinoids, acids, and any medicated topicals for acne or spot treatment. Please also avoid fragrances or medicated shampoos as well as leave-in haircare products since it could lead to more skin irritation.

6. Avoid the Sun

If you are burned, staying in the shade is an essential remedy to your healing. It's mandatory that you wear a wide-brimmed hat and apply UPF of 50 or higher while your skin and scalp are healing from sunburn since further sun exposure will worsen symptoms.

7. Increase Water Intake

The skin also heals from the inside out! Stay hydrated during the scalp and hairline are healing is essential. During the skin is burning, the entire body becomes dehydrated. Therefore you will need to drink extra daily water intake for faster healing time.

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