How Deodorant Affects the Skin's Microbiome

First thing's first, what’s a “microbiome”?

This may come as a surprise, but you actually have billions of microorganisms that naturally live on your skin, from bacteria, fungi, to viruses, and many more. The umbrella term we call them by is “microbiome,” and they are essential to your skin’s health. Microbiome of your skin helps keep it healthy by fighting off foreign microbes and viruses and balancing your skin’s pH levels. It’s essentially your skin’s first line of defense. 

Unfortunately, many products on the market today contain ingredients that can seriously interfere with your microbiome. If you’ve ever lifted your arms to find redness, irritation, bumps, or other reactions from traditional deodorants, your antiperspirant or deodorant may have disturbed your skin’s natural microbial balance.

One common cause of those bad reactions is the astringents and other chemicals many deodorants use to kill the bacteria that causes body odor under your arms. Unfortunately, those chemicals aren’t designed to just kill the bacteria that causes odor. Instead they kill all the bacteria, including the helpful ones in your microbiome which are essential to your skin’s health. As your microbiome is torn down, your body rushes blood and nutrients to the area in the form of irritation to help the area heal.

Make the switch to chemical-free products by stimulating the good bacteria. In addition to harmonising with your skin’s natural microbiome, our deodorant helps prevent inflammation, maintain your skin’s pH balance and boost your skin’s ability to fight infection. This helps naturally prevent eczema and other skin reactions like bumps and rashes. 

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