Facial Exfoliation: Why You Should be Exfoliating Your Face

Facial exfoliation is crucial for facial care. It is a much better solution to clean and evening out the skin first before allowing the skincare to absorb. It is a method of preparation step that improves the appearance of dull and textured skin for a better radiant and glow!

In this article, we’re going to discuss all you need to know about facial exfoliation, the benefits of it, the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation and how to exfoliate skin.

What Is facial exfoliation?

The main purposes of facial exfoliation is to get rid the impurities that are on the skin such as excess dirt, oils and pollution as well as unclogging the pores for a clean skin.

Benefits of facial exfoliation

  1. Exfoliation helps to prepare the skin for better skincare absorption. Moisturiser will sink on better onto skin that is exfoliated rather than just sitting on the surface.

  2. It provides an instant radiant glow. It quickly improves the appearance of your skin by just unclogging pores and dirts, turning dull skin to vibrant skin.

  3. It prepares the skin as a canvas for make-up. By exfoliating, it helps evening out rough skin texture and turns skin into a smooth blank canvas for make-up, and even works with self-tanning products!

  4. It is a deep detoxification that helps to unclog pores and impurities. While facial cleansers can only clean the surface, exfoliator will get deep in the pores.

  5. It helps rejuvenate the skin. By reducing dark spots and uneven complexion, it will make your skin look younger and helps promote healthy skin in old age.

How to exfoliate your skin

Our tips to help you achieve clean skin is to make sure you’re starting out by washing your face before exfoliating, otherwise, it will just be rubbing dirts on skin!

Once your skin is freshly clean, apply a gentle exfoliant like our Detoxifying Herbal Mask. If your exfoliator is in a powder form, we recommend to add water so it glides nicely on skin.

Then just apply it with your fingers or a brush. Making sure to apply it on the area that dirt accumulates, mainly on your nose and forehead. Then start to gently rubbing or massaging in circular motion.

Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes while it dries out, make sure you are spraying water continuously. With this way, it helps locking the moisture for better skin absorption.

Once it’s done, just wash it off with water. Then you can apply the rest of your facial routine!

For dry and sensitive skins, the ideal usage of facial exfoliation is start off once a week or twice a week.

Chemical or Physical Exfoliation

Facial exfoliator that are available on market come in two main categories—either chemical or physical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation usually comes in some kind of liquid form, which uses acids to exfoliate the skin while physical exfoliation is a device that comes in solid form.

Which is better? If you’re looking for a surface-level exfoliation, physical exfoliation is the better way to exfoliate. For chemical exfoliation, you have to use a safe amount of acids.

How often should I exfoliate?

Generally, we recommend using it 1 to 3 times a week to see and feel results. However, if you have oily skin that is prone to acne and clogged pores, exfoliating a few extra times a week is better.

Is exfoliation safe?

It depends on the levels of tolerance for different products and procedures. Generally, exfoliation is safe for skin. However, we recommend to always test new products on a patch of skin before using them.

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