Is pH-Balanced Cleanser the Solution to Better Skin?

A pH-balanced cleanser might be underrated, but it could be the all-in-one solution to healthier and better skin. If you think you're doing everything right in your skincare routine but still can't see the clear sustainable glowing skin you desire, the answer might lie within the pH level of your cleanser.

pH is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity. The most acidic being 0 and 14 is the most alkaline, while 7 is neutral. Skin's natural pH is usually around 5, which is somewhat acidic. The acidic environment supports the growth of the skin's natural microbiome such as bacteria and fungus, which is necessary for proper skin health. Additionally, it's the ideal environment for skin's enzymes, which help seal in moisture and exfoliate dead skin cells.

But if the pH level is going in the wrong direction, for example, skin goes from acidic to alkaline, the skin cannot protect itself as well as it normally could, which can result in dryness, irritation, and scaling.

So what's making skin more alkaline? The biggest mistake with skincare is washing with the wrong cleansers, which can eventually strip the skin barrier. Harsh soaps tend to be alkaline, which leaves your skin red or oily, or overly dry in the meantime. Another factor is ageing, it can contribute to your skin's pH levels increase, leading to wrinkles and fine lines, as well as environmental aggressors and UV rays from the sun.

One way to maintain healthy skin is to keep your skin balanced and protected by getting your skin to the correct pH level. The lower the pH of a formula, the more of it is being less irritated and can easily be absorbed by your skin. If the moisture barrier is healthy and functioning as it should, it can soak up skincare products more effectively and efficiently.

While cleansers are the biggest offenders when it comes to making pH levels unbalanced, they're also the easiest way to lower your pH. The best way to tell if the cleanser is pH balanced is to see if it bubbles or foams, which means it’s a high pH cleanser. If the cleanser is cream-based and gentle, then it’s a low pH wash, in most cases.

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