Our Story

Sudtana believe in natural personal care product and will strive to produce 100% natural products by utilizing natural ingredients, extracts from natural plants and herbs as well as certified organic ingredients. Along with inherited ancient knowledge on herbal remedies, we continuously improve our production techniques to produce highly effective and safe products for our customers. Our products are prohibited from using harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES and parabens and we have no tolerant on animals testing.

We continuously strive to produce high quality natural products for our customers. In 1999, Sudtana was granted Thailand’s Brand by the Department of Export Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce as an assurance that the quality of the products and services are up to the world’s standard. In 2002, Sudtana was also granted New Millennium Award from 16th International Europe Award for Quality in France. In 2011, Sudtana has increased products’ quality and formulation up to another level by being the first Thai brand to launch 95% – 100% natural products.

Our Inspirations
In a world where chemical ingredients are overemphasized for its short term benefits albeit a lack of concern for long term well-being; Sudtana aims to provide its users with something we call “true beauty”. Inspired by the timeless organic beauty of nature, we search of natural ingredients that provide healthy benefits for long term beauty and craft them into our products. This is expressed through the feel, aroma and vast nutrients of our products as well as the free-formed painting of natural colors on our packaging.